About Me

I believe in dancing in public and smiling at strangers and conquering vertigo via exposure. I love it when people share themselves with me, I love how when you put a shy person in front of a camera they’ll stick out their tongue, how when you give over to the camera you are really giving to your future selves. It’s an awesome feeling, to be able to see things that the mirror misses. That maybe you hadn’t thought to share with your closest friends. And then I’m there, behind this future making black box, in absolute awe of the situation. I think I just saw your soul. I think you just broke on through like you were Jim Morrison. I think we just made something magical. And the best part is, there is this little glimpse of that moment that we get to keep. Where the air has gotten all still-frame and we get to look back and breathe it in again and again. When it’s good, it’s wonderful. When it’s wonderful, it’s life-changing. A defining split second. Who do you want to be today? Let’s go there. 

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Self-portrait, Spring 2018

Self-portrait, Spring 2018