Portrait FAQ


When can I see my images? A viewing and ordering session is scheduled at the time of the shoot. Viewing and Ordering is typically done within a 7-14 day window. 


Can I see my images sooner than that? Absolutely! We offer same day viewing and ordering sessions as time allows. If you'd like to do a same day view & order, please let me know in advance and I can arrange to have your photos ready on the same day for no additional charge. Just treat yourself to a glass of champagne and a meal at a local restaurant and I'll have ~40 photos ready with a quick edit for you to view in about 90 minutes. I will do a more detailed edit (as needed) for photos you choose to print.


Do you provide a hair & makeup artist (HMUA)? A makeup artist is not included in the session fee. If you would like to book a professional HMUA, the fee is $150 for an individual or $125 each for groups of 3 or more.


I want to share these on social media, what about digitals? A social media sized digital file will be provided for every photo ordered. 


What is the average spend for prints and albums? The average customer spends 1-3K depending on size, quantity, and material ordered. 


Is there a minimum order? No! (there is also no maximum order;) 


How long is my shoot? Portrait shoots tend to last about 45-60 minutes, but can run longer or shorter depending on circumstances. If you'd like a longer shoot or would like to have multiple looks (outfits) for your photoshoot, please let me know in advance and we can discuss timing and possibilities. 


Why are you so awesome? Why are YOU so awesome?!?

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